Golf Training

In years past conditioning programs for golfers were very limited. Everyone was concerned about the effects resistance training would have on their golf swing. So most stayed away from resistance training and their conditioning program mostly consisted of stretching. Times have changed. We have to recognize that even though golf is not a contact sport it places a lot of stress on the overall body.

Golf TrainingIn golf, technique is more important than strength for producing power; but with more strength, you can optimize your technical ability to produce the amount of power you need. Because the golf swing depends on the coordination of many muscles across many joints, it is important to strengthen the legs, hips, torso, wrist and rotator cuffs in order to maximize power and minimize the risk of injury. Trunk flexibility and stability is also an important component in golf.

The following exercise program will help any golfer at any level bring power up from the ground, through the feet, and transfer it to the club. This program will concentrate on all components of fitness, which will help produce more power in their swing and prevent injuries. Our golfing program incorporates: Cardio, Stability, Balance, Strength, Power, Muscular Endurance, Speed, Form Running and Flexibility.

The design format allows golfers of various fitness levels to effectively participate simultaneously. We simply change or modify any of the exercises to match the capability of any golfer.

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Mike Moye
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