After School

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun-filled learning environment that will promote physical activity, homework help, good sportsmanship, and friendship.

Laura Adams


The Director is Laura Adams. All questions and inquiries can be directed to her. You can reach her by email at or by phone at (334) 887-5666 ext 209.

Days and Hours of Operation

HealthPlus Afterschool Program begins August 8, 2019. We will pick your child up at school on all full school days for Lee-Scott and Auburn City schools. The afterschool program is over at 6 p.m.

Age Requirements

We can enroll children from Kindergarten – 6th grade. Each child will be responsible for his or her belongings and following the daily schedule. Children must be potty trained. We pick up at the following schools:

  • Cary Woods
  • Lee-Scott
  • Yarbrough
  • Wrights Mill
  • Pick
  • AEEC
  • Richland
  • Dean
  • Ogletree
  • Drake
  • Creekside


Registration will be open to currently enrolled participants in good standing first. It will then be opened up to siblings of currently enrolled, then everyone else. The first week’s fees are due upon registration. $55 for full time and $40 for part time. There is also a $25 registration fee. No spots will be reserved without it and the proper paperwork. This fee is non-refundable.


Please do us the courtesy of emailing or letting us know when your child does not need to be picked up. It saves us and the teachers at your school a lot of time trying to find your child.

Weekly Fees

Full Time $55 per week (4-5 days a week)
Part Time $40 per week (3 or fewer days a week)
Drop In $20 per day (payroll deduction not available for drop-in)
Drop-in depends on space availability.

These fees are due whether your child attends or not. These are continuous charges that are run throughout the school year. If you need your child to attend on a day other than agreed upon, you will need approval from the director.

Monthly Payments

We now have a monthly payment option. Fees can be paid by the 10th of each month. The fee structure is

Full-Time $220.00/mth for 9 mths
Part-Time $160.00/mth for 9 mths

Download our 2019 - 2020 Registration Packet for full details!

For more information, please contact:

Laura Adams
Laura Adams
Kid’s Programs Coordinator
334-887-5666 ext 209