• Stretching increases the range of motion in your joints
    by keeping you in better balance. This will keep you mobile and less prone to injury from falls.
  • Stretching prevents and alleviates muscle soreness and fatigue
    by warming up your muscles and joints for activity.
  • Stretching improves circulation
    by increasing blood flow to your muscles and speeds the recovery of muscle injury.
  • Stretching promotes better posture
    by minimizing aches and pains in the upper & lower back.
  • Stretching reduces stress
    by relaxing tense muscles that accompany stress
  • Stretching is important for athletes
    in order to increase performance and reduce injury

Each session is 15 minutes, hands on stretching.

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See a trainer for a free stretch session!

For more information stop by the fitness floor desk, see a personal trainer, or call 887-5666.

Focus on Flexibility

Focus on Flexibility

Flexibility can be considered the 'lost component of fitness'. It is one component of fitness that limits so many as we age but is never considered important to work on improving. It's time to start thinking about it. Come to this basic flexibility class to focus on nothing but flexibility. We can find modification for any ability.


  • Pay per class - $8 members / $12 non-members

Class Times and Days

Days and Times: Wednesdays at 6:35AM-7:05AM

For more information, contact
Emily Ansick at emily.ansick@eamc.org or at 334-887-5666