Welcome to the Front Desk

The Front Desk is here to assist you in any way. We take pride in providing excellent customer service for our members and guests. If we don’t know the answer to your inquiries, we will certainly call or refer you to someone who does.

5:00am - 9:00pm
6:30am - 7:00pm
1:00pm - 7:00pm

Hours of operation will vary with Holidays and will be posted around the facility before each holiday.

Member Check-In Policy

We take pride in knowing all our customers. One way we achieve this is by entering each member’s picture into our club management system. In order to achieve this, stop by the front desk and ask to have your picture taken and your finger scanned into the system. Each time you visit the facility we ask that you check in at the front desk by scanning your finger using one of the front desk finger scanners or notify the front desk receptionists. The front desk staff will enter your visit into the system. A few members still possess HealthPlus membership cards with at bar code on the back. These members may still scan their membership cards using the old scanners to check in at the front desk. By checking in at the front desk, it helps us track usage and locate members in case of emergencies.

Guest Policy

All guests must fill out a guest form, answer a medical PAR-Q and present a picture ID each time they visit HealthPlus. Policies vary depending on whether you are a guest of a member and whether you are from out-of-town or are an in-town guest. Beginning the first of each year, a new guest form must be completed thus allowing 3 free visits again for that year. No guest 17 and under will be allowed to work out without the parent coming in person and completing a guest form for their child.

Guests Attending With Members

  • In-town guests - They are allowed 3 free visits per year. After their 3rd visit, they must to join in order to use the facility. They may not pay a guest fee after their 3rd visit to keep using the facility.

  • Out-of-town guests– They are allowed 3 free visits per year. After their 3rd visit, they may pay a $5 fee and come as often as they like as a guest of a HealthPlus member.

Guests Without Members

  • In-town guests - In town guests not accompanied by a member may take a tour with one of our Membership staff. Membership fees and agreements will be reviewed with the potential members. The guest may ask for a 3 day guess pass to try out the facility. Any guest who wishing to use the facility may pay a $10 guest fee for up to 3 visits only. After their 3rd visit, they must become a member in order to use the facility after their 3rd visit.

  • Out-of-town guests– Any out-of-town guests visiting HealthPlus may pay a $10 guest fee and come as often as they like.

Complimentary Fruit and Coffee

Complimentary fruit and coffee is available for our members and their guests. We ask that everyone limit themselves to one piece of fruit in order to make the supply available to all.


Member Comments and Suggestions

We value our customers comments and suggestions. By letting us know your thoughts and observations, we can better meet your needs. There are several ways you can let us know what you thing about services and programs. First, you can complete a “Give us a piece of your mind” form describing your suggestions. These forms are available at the front desk. You can also fill out a “Give us a piece of your mind” form on line by visiting our Ask Mike page. You may also speak with any of our staff and they will write down your comment and turn it into the front desk for processing. Finally you may email your comments to our Director, Mike Moye. If you leave your name and number we will follow up with you. Please don’t feel uncomfortable pointing out things that are not meeting your expectations. We always want to make your experience at Healthplus a more memorable experience.

Safety Notice

No children allowed on the fitness floor under the age of 13 years old without close direct supervision of their parent or guardian.

Please read the full full notice for more information.