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Massage promotes healing and well-being by relieving tension, reviving tired muscles and restoring peace of mind. Our massage therapists use a variety of hands-on techniques such as gentle strokes, kneading, friction and stretching to manipulate muscles and soft tissue.

Deep tissue massage may also be used combining stroking and friction with light to deep pressure on muscles and soft tissue. Before your massage, the therapist will take a few minutes to discuss the massage and to gain general information about your health.

Morning, afternoon, evening & weekend massages now available!
At HealthPlus we are excited to offer private massage therapy rooms adjacent to the men’s and women’s dressing areas. You may decide what amount of clothing you prefer to wear for your own comfort and will be left in private to drape with a sheet and light blanket. Only the areas being massaged will be uncovered in an effort to keep you warm and respect your privacy.

All appointments are scheduled from the front desk.


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  • Relieves tension and pain caused by physical or emotional stress
  • Improves circulation to help skin and muscle tone
  • Soothes and invigorates the nervous system, promoting good health
  • Counteracts against insomnia and many other stress induced disorders
  • Speeds healing of injured areas
  • Relieves headaches
  • Eliminates wastes and toxins from the body

Member Rates

½ Hour Massage$35
½ Hour Package of 5 Massages$158
1 Hour Massage$56
1 Hour Package of 5 Massages$252
1 ½ Hour Massage$80
1 ½ Hour Package of 5 Massages$360

Non-Member Rates

½ Hour Massage$40
½ Hour Package of 5 Massages$180
1 Hour Massage$66
1 Hour Package of 5 Massages$297
1 ½ Hour Massage$90
1 ½ Hour Package of 5 Massages$405