Ashaitsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Health Plus is happy to announce the addition of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy to their massage menu. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) was developed by Ruthie Hardee as a way to simultaneously give clients deep tissue work and help massage therapists avoid over-use injuries to hands and wrists. With the assistance of ceiling-installed bars to maintain balance, AOBT therapists use their bare feet to provide a deep, relaxing massage.

"I try to get a couple of Ashiatsu massages a month. They are wonderful for relaxation and mental mindset. I particularly like the Ashiatsu because the pressure is greater than a hand massage. Kellie Gibson does a wonderful job and I encourage folks who like massages to try the Ashiatsu."
Terry Andrus

AOBT is an excellent technique for those with chronic back pain or who prefer deep tissue work. Due to the intense nature of this technique, however, AOBT is not for those who are pregnant, have had recent eye procedures or other surgery, have uncontrolled high blood pressure, a pace maker or other heart condition, osteoporosis, or any acute inflammatory condition (rheumatoid arthritis, etc.).

When coming in for an Ashiatsu session you will be asked to fill out a brief medical history; you will then be taken to the massage room, where your medical history will be discussed along with any questions you may have. You will be left alone to undress to your comfort level and get on the massage table, covering yourself with a sheet. The therapist will return to the room and cleanse her feet before starting the session. Feedback on the amount of pressure used and how different strokes affect the client is welcome and encouraged.

First-time Ashiatsu clients receive a discount!

To find out more about AOBT, visit

Member Rates

½ Hour Massage$45
½ Hour Package of 5 Massages$202
1 Hour Massage$70
1 Hour Package of 5 Massages$315
1 ½ Hour Massage$90
1 ½ Hour Package of 5 Massages$405

Non-Member Rates

½ Hour Massage$50
½ Hour Package of 5 Massages$225
1 Hour Massage$80
1 Hour Package of 5 Massages$360
1 ½ Hour Massage$100
1 ½ Hour Package of 5 Massages$450

To schedule an AOBT session with Kellie, call the front desk at 887-5666, making sure to request Ashiatsu.