Class Descriptions

Abs/Power Core
A quickie class to work your upper and lower abdominal region as well as the obliques. Get stronger and look leaner.

Basic Yoga
Come work on posture, flexibility, strength, balance, stretching and relaxation in this very welcoming and gentle class. Adjustments can be made for any conditions you are experiencing.

Body Pump
An energetic pre-choreographed resistance training class utilizing weights to train a myriad of body parts. Don’t be surprised if you get hooked after your first class.

Boot Camp
A combination of cardiovascular and strength training intervals to burn calories, firm and tone. You never quite know what you will get in this class!

Body Attack
A workout like no other. Cardio – Core – Cardio? Any more questions?

A 30 minutes quickie before Zumba which will work you right where it counts! Tuesdays bums and Tums. Fridays Tums and Bums!

Circuits This class will challenge you in every which way. Stations focusing on flexibility, strength, stamina and cardiovascular endurance are used to keep you going and going and going.

Low Impact
A fun class utilizing old fashion aerobic dance moves followed by a toning section.

Come spend an hour working your abdominal region as well as your waistline, lower back and glutes. After this class, you’ll look as good coming as you do going!

Turbo Kick
Kick and Punch! Burn calories and manage your stress! A super workout with a little dance movement added for fun.

Bands, bars, balls and weights will be used to help you achieved that RIPPED look. You will NOT be staying for the class after this!!!

Various combinations and routines are used to condition the heart while using your head. Step will never get old with this challenging choreography.


Wild Card
Saturday morning workouts include a 60-minute class of our choosing.

Ditch the workout and start the party. Moving to Latin favorites using Salsa, Tango, Cha Cha and other dance steps make this class a BLAST.

Zumba Gold
A lower impact version of Zumba with simpler choreography and just as much fun. Guaranteed!