Class Descriptions

Stretch Your Body

Following the Arthritis Foundation recommend-ations, this class focuses on joint movement, stretching and using easy movements to make your way through a 60-minute class.

Senior Water Aerobics

A lower intensity class using cardiovascular training as well as sections focusing on firming, toning and balance exercises.

Instructor's Choice

You never quite know what you’ll get in this class. You can count on some kind of cardiovascular training and some sort of firming and toning exercises. Noodles, weights and flutter boards might be used.

Slow Motion

Just what the doctor ordered. Class will involve use of small muscle groups, no impact and lots-o-fun. This 30-minute class will be just enough to get your body energized in a safe and effective format. Perfect for those with arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia and other similar conditions.

Water in Motion

A highly energetic and motivating class that changes every three months. Cardiovascular, core, flexibility, upper body and lower body are all focused on in five-minute segments. The music in this pre-choreographed class makes the hour fly by!

Water in Motion