Children of HealthPlus Members:

If your child is added to your membership, he or she may use the Nursery, Kids’ Gym and Family Swim at no extra charge. Nursery is for children under the age of 6 and infants must be at least 12 weeks old. Kids’ Gym is for children age 5 – 12.

Children 8 years of age and above may utilize the cardiovascular equipment and track under the direct supervision of their parent or guardian. Direct supervision means that the child is walking on a treadmill next to his or her parent not walking on the treadmill while the parent lifts weights. Teens 13 and above who complete a teen workout orientation may participate in strength and conditioning programs without direct parental supervision. However, all children and teens must agree to follow safe guidelines and they must fit into the equipment.

Children under the age of 13 are only allowed in the pool during Family Swim and when participating in Swim Lessons or Special Activities. During Family Swim hours, children under 8 must be accompanied in the pool by a parent or guardian and children age 8 – 12 may swim without parental supervision after passing a swim test.

If your child is not added to your membership, he or she may use the Nursery, Kids’ Gym and Family Swim for a small per visit fee. Each visit to the Nursery and Kids’ Gym is $2. Each visit to Family Swim is $5.

Guests of HealthPlus Members:

HealthPlus members over the age of 18 may bring an unlimited number of guests to the facility. In-town guests are limited to three visits per calendar year. Out-of-town guests may purchase visits. HealthPlus members age 18 and younger may not bring guests of any age. A parent or guardian must accompany all guests age 18 and younger. For example if a child of a HealthPlus member wants to bring a child friend to Family Swim one Sunday afternoon, the friend and his or her parent may come as guests of the adult member. The child friend may not come alone as the guest of the HealthPlus member.