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HIIT Style Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style classes. Use technology to track and monitor heart rate, calories, and time exercised.

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Healthy Hearts

Healthy Hearts Classes

Catered to individuals who have gone through Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation or have been diagnosed with Diabetes. Classes are supervised by an Exercise Physiologist.

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Oh Baby! Fitness

New for 2019! Includes Pregnancy Toning, Fitness, Yoga Combo, Pregnancy Water Aerobics, and Mom and Baby Stroller classes.

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Children's Learn-To-Swim

Children's Learn-To-Swim Summer 2019

Designed to give your child a positive learning experience and to teach lifelong swimming skills. Summer 2019 registration is now open!

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Orthopedic program

Orthopedic Program

Don’t let your injury get the best of you! Work with a trained professional to establish and reach goals for recovery centered around your needs and your doctor’s advice.